Friday, 21 November 2008

Actual Medical Misprints

I've was recently given "Dim Wit" for my birthday. It's a collection of "the funniest, stupidest things ever said", and is hysterically funny! I've selected a few of the medical ones out for you here - enjoy!
  • A lamp was seen in the patient's groin - it was even more prominent when he coughed.
  • The patient's lover was enlarged and causing him some embarrassment.
  • The needle should be driven into the tissue by an angel of about 45 for a subcutaneous injection.
  • The patient was a little bugger compared with his size a year previously.
  • The patient is left quietly in bed so that he can rust as much as possible.
  • The urine must be tasted by the staff nurse daily. If there is any doubt the Sister and Doctor must also do this.

I can add one that I came across. During my student days, I was confronted with the most bizarre casualty note that, to this day, I still can't decipher:

"Bilateral diarrhoea, pussy."

I suppose "pussy" might charitably refer to "pus", but "bilateral diarrhoea"!?!

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