Thursday, 4 September 2008

Introducing the Career-o-matic!

One of the best parts about medicine is that it is such a broad church - there is such a diversity of career choices within it. Furthermore, certain specialities seem to attract certain types of people, which is hardly surprising. For instance, no one can claim that the average radiologist or pathologist has the same personality as the average trauma surgeon!

Taking advantage of this fact is a programme that first asks you to identify your professional priorities and then matches them with the answers given by doctors in various specialities. In this way you can see how closely your answers match those of a plethoral of these specialities. The (debatable) leap now comes: if you squint a bit, you can see the test results as a guide to what speciality within medicine you might fit into best.

Anyway, I view this as partially tongue-in-cheek in view of its limitations, but it is fun to try. And who knows, you may be get a good idea or two out of it all. The test can be found here.

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